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       Adidas originals

  x   Nintendo       


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Looking at Nintendo's recent growth, I saw a fit for the partnership for the following reasons:

- help Adidas in the near future attracts teens, 25 to 30-year-olds and female consumers.


- leverage the already built tech and the versatile switch hardware. 

- Nintendo is trying to develop “ active devices ” such as ring fit. It would be an opportunity for both companies to grow together. 

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Leverages the collaboration with Nintendo,
the Originals has the opportunity to help
gain back traction among this demographic:

According to my research, Adidas is losing some consumers, specifically, the young women aged 25-34 and 35-49 (- Pamela N. Danziger Forbes, 2019 May)


    +capturing two 

      distinct  types of consumers.

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$180 price point

24-30 age group



Live a busy schedule

living & working in limited space, 

Not yet in their  “adulting” process.


Looking for fun.

grew up with:

Adidas, Pokemon, MarioKart, 

and the last bit of Blockbuster.

Providing the game savvies 
a seamless on work/
off work experience.


I drew inspiration from how ozweegos made a come back with a fresh twist. I decided to take this chance to look at the adios neftegna and gave it a makeover 

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"Footwear as interactive controller"

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switching from on-work to off-work, 
the commute home becomes a game.

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$80 price point

11-13 age group



They love sharing.

They have a very short attention span,

can not stand the slow internet.

Seek new activities to play

with friends. 

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A next-gen "portable play" 


I drew inspiration from the number one ranked game-  

mario kart and think of how to make a lower pricepoint shoe "collectible"

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Link the experience between
Physical shoes and virtual character,

Using low-tech image recognition+AR technology.

CREATE VIRTUAL OWNERSHIP via physical shoes/ accessories.

Quick experience mockup:

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    thank you!     .