"Nurturing plants is a more     manageable form of domesticity."

They need multi-functional and versatile products that fit their compact and smart living spaces. 

A line of home accessories that fits the busy lifestyle and compact living space of the young indoor plant lovers.
Assisting their daily routine to take care of plants with ease.

Versatile placement even without extra shelvings or table surfaces.


The Millenials live a busy schedule and can only afford compact living spaces. For them, taking care of plants is a way to feel belonged. 

Taking care of plants with ease.


Dealing with dirt and moist without sacrificing clean living space.


Transporting in and out of the apartment or rooms to balconies.


193.00 * 258.00 * 103.00mm
Aluminum, powder coated.

The slim sprout allows you to water your 
tiny plants, while the body carries a decent amount of water for your other sizes pots. The proportion is thin, allowing the can to
be stored in a compact space. The handle was designed to hang on shelvings and slots.


109.00 * 198.00 * 130.00mm (size M)
Aluminum, powder coated. Poly webbing.

The simple construction pot comes in three sizes. An optional strap can be attached on the grommets, allowing you to hang your pot in a versatile way. The strap length is adjustable for different kinds of plant.


58.00 * 203.00 * 4.70mm
Stainless steel.

The scissors designed specifically for trimming plants. The slim body and the short tip allow you to trim with precision in between leaves and twigs.

Concept development & prototyping.


Tested with different dimensions, shapes, and ergonomics. The aim was to design a pair of scissors with fewer manufacturing processes possible. 


The prototypes were made to figure out the right shape and volume. Many variations were made to find a balance between the unique design language and simple manufacturing construction. 


Focusing on making the construction simple. The stamped aluminum sheets welded together informs an unique language while minimizes cost. Grommets became an ideal way to merge the two pieces while holding the strap.