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       Adidas originals

  x   Nintendo       


Looking at Nintendo's recent growth, I saw a fit for the partnership for the following reasons:

- help Adidas in the near future attracts teens, 25 to 30-year-olds and female consumers.


- leverage the already built tech and the versatile switch hardware. 

- Nintendo is trying to develop “ active devices ” such as ring fit. It would be an opportunity for both companies to grow together. 

Leverages the collaboration with Nintendo,
the Originals has the opportunity to help
gain back traction among this demographic:

According to my research, Adidas is losing some consumers, specifically, the young women aged 25-34 and 35-49 (- Pamela N. Danziger Forbes, 2019 May)


    +capturing two 

      distinct  types of consumers.



$180 price point

24-30 age group



Live a busy schedule

living & working in limited space, 

Not yet in their  “adulting” process.


Looking for fun.

grew up with:

Adidas, Pokemon, MarioKart, 

and the last bit of Blockbuster.

Providing the game savvies 
a seamless on work/
off work experience.


I drew inspiration from how ozweegos made a come back with a fresh twist. I decided to take this chance to look at the adios neftegna and gave it a makeover 

"Footwear as interactive controller"






switching from on-work to off-work, 
the commute home becomes a game.



$80 price point

11-13 age group



They love sharing.

They have a very short attention span,

can not stand the slow internet.

Seek new activities to play

with friends. 

A next-gen "portable play" 


I drew inspiration from the number one ranked game-  

mario kart and think of how to make a lower pricepoint shoe "collectible"






Link the experience between
Physical shoes and virtual character,

Using low-tech image recognition+AR technology.

CREATE VIRTUAL OWNERSHIP via physical shoes/ accessories.

Quick experience mockup:

    thank you!     .