Bravura is an Adidas sponsored project at ArtCenter College of Design,14 students were selected to participate, design projects that look at future sports in a 3-7 years timeframe. My assigned consumer area was UCLA.

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The Bruins’ basketball season is short, demanding that athletes be ready whenever their team needs them. Menstruation is an issue that makes it harder for women athletes to train and play consistently.

The Bruins have a
short basketball season.

Menstruation is affecting athlete’s performance. 

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Electricity pathway weaved in,
distributes electricity 
to stimulate

the swollen legs.



The thermal electric generator
generates electricity from body heat. 


Electrical stimulation area.

Reducing menstrual pain.

Compression Materials
the muscle. 


Sweat-wicking materials. 


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Cramp relief tights with woven-in EMS system.  

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