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Flat One is a project that I participated during an internship at noa design studio. Presented to Unity Opto Technology Co. Ltd.
A total of three concepts were presented. My proposal was chosen for further development and manufacturing.

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Flat One provides aquarium lovers an intuitive and clean interface to control the system.
With the different modes set on your phone, you could switch to the perfect lighting for any occasion with a simple tap.

Design for the standard 2 foot aquarium, Flat One allows the user to easily control the color temperature that fits different species and occasion.

smart control.

a light that suits your need.

one light, two attachment options.

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The simplest form. This form will not interfere with cleaning the aquarium or feeding, no need to disassemble before these movements. The rappelling length can be finely adjusted, so it is suitable for different environments.

Main module + rappelling assembly module

Main module + Fixture assembly module

Using the same main module with two different attachment parts, 
Flat One can be assembled in either rappelling or fixture form.

Form 1 - Rappelling

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Form 2 - Fixture

This design is focused on adapting to all kinds of thicknesses of aquariums. To make assembly intuitive, magnets and springs are used in the mechanism to improve stability. We simplified the exposed mechanism and electrical wiring and made it look as thin and elegant as possible.

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Mechanical configuration

The configuration is mainly based on three layers -Bottom layer, mechanism assembly plate, and the arched light mask.
First, we developed different shapes and the assembly mechanisms with the client’s engineer. We confirmed the configuration after several discussions and adjusted the final design details.

a simple aluminum extrusion part that holds the mechanisms.